In these times of COVID-19 we have seen clever ideas coming out, amazing inventions as a response for the need.

The demand of facemasks did not only brought shortage in the beginning of March, but it also made inventors think of ways, of reusing the same mask the most economical and user-friendly way.

AtmoBlue is a facemask that blocks 99.9% of toxic air, but in the meantime it also lets you breathe freely.

This mask can work with a replaceable HEPA filter that is good for 150 hours.

Makes us think, when do we actually need this product more.. Do we need this invention in the pandemic of coronavirus or after, because as we all know by now, we should ware mask to protect others if we are sick. Also, the big cities see less pollution that its seen in decades, so once we are back to ‘normal’, and air pollution is back to where it was,we might need this face mask those times…